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    Commercial & Residential Services/Support

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    1-24 employees

VXI is a great place to build your career!

We value growth. Choosing VXI means you grow with us. Steadily through the years, we have built a legacy of strength that encompasses 28,000 employees across 42 locations worldwide. With a strong vision and a commitment to putting our people first, VXI is where you want to start your career.

We put a premium on relationships. Our people stay with us for years and years, largely due to the fact that we don’t consider them employees – for us, they’re family. Joining VXI, you surround yourself with people who encourage you to be your very best, people who respect your opinion and help you focus to make the most out of your career.

We help you take charge of your career. With our people-first philosophy, your growth is part of our culture. So we’ll give you access to continuous learning opportunities and the right set of tools to help you manage your growth. As our business expands, you’ll get the chance to work on challenging yet rewarding experiences that you’ll be able to harness throughout your career.

Embrace your future Be part of VXI, an exciting, dynamic, ever growing and truly global organization today.

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